Topjoy VR01 Virtual Reality Helmet

Jun 04, 2022 4 minutes read

Doesn’t it sound exciting to be in a surreal world even when you are sitting on the cozy mattress in your living room? How stimulating it would be to experience a matchless fantasy when you are actually far away from the reality? After a tiresome and exhausted day at office, don’t you really want to forget all the weariness and spend some quality time without spending even a single buck?

Well, a virtual world can help you to a great extent. With a Topjoy VR01 virtual reality helmet, you can actually get what you are looking for. Just make a one-time investment buying this exclusive product and you will not only get the best value for your money, but also be able to experience an indelible account that you could hardly think of before.

Do you have a smart phone?

Well, all you need to have is a smart phone. Plug in the topjoy VR01 headset to your smart phone and you will be transported into a completely different world. Have you ever thought of enjoying a three dimensional movie sitting in your living room? Probably not! But, gone are those days when you had to take all the efforts to visit multiplexes and stand in a long queue for a considerable gap of time. With the launch of Topjoy VR01 virtual reality helmet, you can enjoy watching 3D picture in your smart phone itself.

What does it combine of?

Now, if you are being introduced with the term virtual world’ for the first time in your life, it’s worth mentioning a fact that this helmet is exclusively made for smart phones. A number of innovative technologies have been clubbed together into the device and with this top-end make over, the Topjoy VR01 can turn a 2D picture to 3D just in a fraction of second. Starting from 4.0 inch phones to 5.7 inch ones, this exclusive technology works in almost all the models. Also, you are absolutely wrong, if you have such misconception that the 3D effect provided by this helmet comes nowhere when it gets compared to the special impact created by a Cinema. You believe it or not, the Topjoy VR01 helmet will give you a lifelike experience and probably, help you have the best time in the world.

Shimmers with exclusive features

No matter, whether you want to play a video game or you want to watch the movie you saw in the television in 3D version, a Topjoy VR01 device will endow you with everything you are in search of. Well, have you just come back gathering a number of exhilarating memories from one of the most beautiful places in the country? Is your smart phone now loaded with a myriad of splendid videos and photographs? Then, what are wasting your time for? Connect the Topjoy device to your phone and go back to the place where you collected all the memories from!

Easy to use as well

This virtual reality handset is more than easy to use! You really don’t have to undertake all the hassles while putting this device into action. All you need to do is insert the helmet on your mobile phones and on clicking the video clips you have in your system, you will be transported into a completely different zone where anyone just pines to be present! The Topjoy device will not only give you a 3D cinema effect, but also guarantees to give you a world-class experience.

The specific advantages of using Topjoy VR01 virtual reality helmet are as follows:


Its PD (Pupil Distance) adaptable quality makes suitable for all the people who want to experience something different, something unique and something unforgettable. It’s easy to wear too. Just wear it like a helmet as you do while riding your bike. It will take seconds to transport you to a dream world.

Its exclusive studio regulating features will allow you to use smart phones of any model, brand or size and you will be able to enjoy the device to the fullest.

The advanced suckers in the helmet make it very comfortable and convenient for the users.

Would you really be able to enjoy the 3D effects, if you had to sit still in a place? Certainly not!! With this innovative device, you can easily move, change your place whenever you want along with enjoying the premium effects in the helmet.

Moreover, you can easily adjust the distance of the lens to your mobile phone whenever you want. Yes, it’s this much flexible!!

Last but not the least; you can buy a virtual world with a moderate price range. You don’t have to make a hole in your pocket while buying this device. Topjoy VR01 virtual reality helmet is available in a price range that every commoner can afford.


Points to remember:

As you know, 3D effects are never enjoyable in the bare eyes. Still, this is not the only reason why you should not wear the helmet in the naked eyes. In case, you are over more than 550 degree myopia, it can affect your eye sight to a very bad extent. Thus, it’s always recommended to use the special spectacles available in the market for watching 3D shows under the helmet. Also, It’s better to restrict the children under thirteen from using such headset.

Things to consider before you buy a Topjoy VR01 device:

Even if you are now aware of all the advantages this miniature device has to offer, it would be your utter stupidity to buy the helmet for any random store. Not every shop selling this product is reliable. There always remains a possibility to be duped by any artificial product. Staying away from such con enterprises is where you expertise lies in. It’s worth suggesting that you always cross check the reputation of the store before you approach it. An extensive research in the Internet would certainly help or also, you can take reference from them who have recently or formerly purchased this device and thus, can help you in the best possible manner.

What are you still mulling over? Don’t you think, it’s the right time to buy the device? Go to your nearby store and purchase the Topjoy VR01 virtual world helmet as soon as you can! Yes, you are just one step away from experiencing an awesome amusement.