THE VOID VR you will walk into new dimensions

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THE VOID VR you will walk into new dimensions

The Void is hi-end Technology Company based on Salt Lake City. Their current flagship product has turned the minds of even most advanced gamers and technology reviewers. The Void is an advanced 3D motion technology, letting users to experience most incredible experiences they could only dream about so far. This technology will allow users to take it to the next level cause of unique technical specifications and accessories added to the headset.

To achieve all of mentioned, The Void technology uses top notch specifications, starting from Dual-High-Density-Curved-OLED displays. It is actually a top notch gadget. This will let gamers to achieve maximum graphical experience possible on any video headset device in gaming tech market today.

That is not all. The Void has also designed to make your experience as three dimensional as technologies of today can get you to. To achieve this, The Void will offer you Custom-Optics ( or rather lens-in-lens design which is proprietary). This will get you the feeling you are living in a video game.

For best sound quality there will be High quality THX-Headphones that features in-game binaural sound-design. Those will take the audio quality to the next level, because binaural effect will let you feel the sound in 3D, which is the most advanced technology in audio sphere currently.

For better communication with other gamers, The Void VR will also feature Super-Gain Inline-Microphones made for in-game communications. So communication with other gamers will be a pleasure as well.

Finally, the most important elements will be the motion sensors of The Void VR. To track your position in real time, gamers will be wearing Global-Head-Tracking-Sensors which is due to run at 120Hz. Those will be already mounted into the headset, so no extra accessories will be needed for this purpose.

The Void VR will also provide the gloves, which will allow users to interact with virtual reality objects in real time. Players will be available to see their hands motion during they game-play. This means they will allow to push the elevator button or feel the sword in their hands, for example.

Also there will be option to purchase special designed vest for maximum gaming experience. It will allow for players to feel every bullet hitting them or any other contact with the virtual environment objects. The particular elements of vest will diffuse and vibrate based on the location of the body contact will occur in the virtual environment.

Finally, to make a conclusion, it is necessary to indicate, that The Void VR Technology is pretty new at this point and gamers should wait for some time to get it. But it’s already definitely known, that when it comes available, The Void is an Absolute MUST have for any gamer out there! Also, to promote the Technology, company is working to create special gaming parks for gaming sessions in their head-quarters in Salt Lake City, welcoming gamers from all around the world. As noted in their webpage, they are targeting on sessions around 30 minutes to cost around 30-40$ per session.