The Void – A Virtual Reality Theme Park

Jun 04, 2022 2 minutes read

I think this is going to show everybody just how cool is virtual reality and what we are to expect in the future of it. The void is a virtual reality theme park where you are going able to move around in an arena or what they called  Gaming pods, while seeing a completely different virtual world while wearing a virtual reality headset called the Rapture HMD. Sounds pretty cool right?


The way it works is by creating virtual worlds over a real physical environment so you will be able to interact with this virtual world using your hands, holding weapons, open doors with holograms, awesome stuff really.


When I learned about this, I was completely amazed seeing how far we’ve got with the technology of today, the void is not open to the public yet but it’s functional, and you can already buy your reservation tickets online. It says to be ready in summer 2021.


These virtual worlds will have endless of possibilities, only our imagination really will be the limitation of what we gonna be able to experience inside The Void, but right now it’s still a work in progress but they already created different world we are going to be able to explore pretty soon.


Research Facility: Aliens! In this one, you explore a futuristic research facility and the goal is to retrieve an ancient alien life form. You need to fight your way through spiders, drones, aliens, equip with your laser gun.

Dimension one: Travel in a mysterious temple to uncover all of it’s secret.


The feeling inside the Void


The idea behind the void is to experience virtual reality in a physical sort of way. Beeing able to walk around, touching control panel, holding weapons you will feel real vibration, air pressure, cold, heat, elevation change, you will smell different things, all to make the experience as real as it gets.


They will have also a motion simulator, where it will gives you the impression of flying a jet, or riding a mechanical robot, or exploring space, anything you can imagine really.


The technology


The gear for the void is quite fascinating, things that you can’t get at home.


The Rapture HMD: This is the head mounted display that will allow you to see all the different worlds, you have a pair of high-quality headphone integrated into it and also a microphone for communication with other players during the game.


The Rapture Vest: With this vest you will feel everything, if you get shot by bullets, or attacked by a monster, it has a number of contact point that will not only vibrate but interact depending on what action is going on in the virtual world.


The Rapture Gloves: The gloves will allow you to control your hands for a complete immersion, you will be able to pick up any weapon you find, or gives punches to a monster attacking you, casting spells, you will have super power with it.


The Void is really the future of entertainment it’s something that never has been before with a unique concept where eventually you will be able to experience anything you want, anything you imagine. I am excited for when it’s coming out I will keep you posted on any updates they make.