The Things About the Future of Virtual Reality That Nobody Told You About

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The Things About the Future of Virtual Reality That Nobody Told You About

Virtual Reality is more and more the main topic for many discussions, both online and offline.

To a certain degree, we all have some foundation knowledge and understanding when it comes to VR, but for many it still remains a mystery when we try to project ahead and predict what the future will bring us. How is virtual reality going to change the way we live, the way we understand “reality” now, in 2021?

This article will elaborate 3 things related to the future of virtual reality and offer some possible scenarios and outcomes of the “change” that awaits us…

With that being said, let’s dive in!

The Rise of a new and powerful industry

Okay, we can all agree that probably Oculus Rift and its founder Palmer Luckey and now Facebook with Zuckerberg after the acquisition will be remembered as the “revolutionary and first virtual device” in the virtual reality industry.


One company and one technological device is really just the beginning and not an industry on its own. If we look at the PC industry for example, or better, the “gaming industry” in the last 10-15 years, we’d be quick to agree that as a result of the gaming industry revolution all kinds of companies have been developed, changed and modified, and many new innovations have taken place.

Personal computers had to become suitable for the new powerful chips and graphic cards invented from companies such as AMD, Intel, Nvidia and the like. You see, the gaming industry pulled all kinds of other IT sectors with it and started literally a revolution, which nowadays weights many billions of dollars!

The same will happen with the Virtual Reality industry. This is just the beginning and we should expect so much more novelty in the upcoming years. Companies will compete hard to deliver a better customer experience and we will benefit from that in a big way.

VR will revolutionize the world perhaps even more than the most recent and major cultural shift – from analog to digital, from offline to online, from brick and mortar to the internet and all the PCs, tablets, smartphones and so on.

Virtual reality in the future will be much more “physical”. As of this moment, all VR devices including the most used Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are equipped with sensors, which somewhat “allow” us to experience some physicality in the experience. Such as swinging with a golf club or perhaps draw with a pencil… but… the problem is that we still get the feeling of the controller in our hand instead of a golf club or a pencil. (Oculus Rift doesn’t even provide any controllers yet but they probably will in 2022)

The future will change all of this. The technology will evolve to such a degree that we will have a completely real feeling of the virtual reality, such as swinging with a real golf club or holding a real pencil in our hands (of course these are just some basic examples, the possible scenarios are virtually endless).

And guess what? This will be only the beginning!

“Physical touch” will only be just a small part of what’s coming ahead! Some predict that we will be even able to experience the feeling of the wind. Some even suggest that we will be able to “smell” and even to feel the “temperature”!

There’s no doubt about it, virtual reality will get much more “physical” and soon will come the time when it will be hard to distinguish between what’s real and what’s virtually imagined.

The Revolutionary Nanotechnology

Did you realize that one nanometer would one say one is billionth of a meter?

Nanotechnology is a new technology which is consisted of the measurement, demonstration, implication, application and control of matter. Consider this, a single sheet of paper is consisted of roughly hundred thousand nanometers in thickness. Now imagine using this nanotechnology to construct “nano devices”!

This will completely revolutionize our world and what today we consider as “reality”!

In fact, nanotechnology is already being used in many experiments and projects! It won’t be long until it will be presented to the masses for commercial use.

So the obvious question – how can we relate nanotechnology to virtual reality and its future?

Well, there is certainly a huge debate on this topic but most experts nowadays claim that what for some is just science fiction will possibly become a tangible reality such as “entering the digital” or becoming one with this newly created environment.

In plain English, this translated to uploading our “consciousness” into a specialized device (powerful computer) which can even make us immortal (in terms of the conscious mind and not the physical body). However, many still consider this rather a theory without any evidence and arguments as to “how” it will be possible.

But still, even if the example above is far away from the new reality, nanotechnology will still revolutionize VR to such a degree that the experience will become so, so real, to the point that the “current reality” will later look as a virtual world instead of the other way around.

What will happen is in the hands of the future, and the only way to find out is to live long enough to take part in it.

So stay healthy, be happy, and live longer, in order to find out!