The Best GIF Artists and Illustrators From Around the World

Oct 29, 2022 3 minutes read

Welcome to the world of gifs! Here you will find 45 of the best GIF artists and illustrators from around the globe, all gathered together in one place. Whether you're looking for a creative animated image to liven up your next project or simply want to browse some amazing art, this is the perfect collection for you. So sit back, relax, and enjoy exploring the wonderful world of gifs!

Anthony Antonellis

Anthony Antonellis is an artist from New York. He has sold art since he was 5 years old. He made his first GIFs in high school. Since then, he has become a leading figure in the world of GIF art, and his work has been shown in galleries and museums around the world.

Anthony's work explores the intersection of art and technology, and he is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with the medium of GIFs. His work is often playful and humorous, but it also has a serious side, dealing with issues such as surveillance, consumerism, and the commodification of digital culture.

Whether you're a fan of GIF art or not, there's no denying that Anthony Antonellis is a pioneer in the field. If you want to learn more about his work, be sure to check out his webiste or follow him on social media.

Jeremy Sengly's Graphic Design Work

Jeremy Sengly is a graphic designer who attended the University of Minnesota. He now owns and operates a small design shop, where he specializes in creating GIFs.

GIFs are a type of image file that can be used to create animations by looping a series of images together. They have become increasingly popular in recent years as a way to add some personality and visual interest to online content.

Jeremy's work is characterized by its use of bright colors and playful designs. He often incorporates pop culture references into his GIFs, which has helped him build up a large following on social media.

If you're looking for some eye-catching and fun graphic design, be sure to check out Jeremy's work!

James Curran: LA-based Illustrator, Animator, and Director

James Curran is an extremely versatile artist, working as an illustrator, animator, and director on many different types of projects - from video games and music videos to commercials and print work. He has also worked with some big-name brands such as Coca Cola, Pepsi, Nissan, and Kia.

Curran's work is characterized by its use of color and light, as well as its often whimsical or surrealist themes. One of his most famous pieces is a gif entitled simply "#TheDress," which features two people arguing over the color of a dress - one person sees it as blue and black, while the other sees it as white and gold.

While Curran's work covers a wide range of topics and styles, there is an underlying sense of playfulness and fun that pervades all of his work. This is perhaps what makes him so popular with both brands and consumers alike - he knows how to capture the imagination and put a smile on people's faces.


All in all, the work of these 45 artists is a great representation of the endless possibilities that exist within the world of GIFs. Whether you're looking for something playful and fun or something a little more serious and thought-provoking, there's sure to be something here that catches your eye. So go ahead and explore the wonderful world of GIFs - you might just be surprised at what you find!