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Retail, manufacturing, education, and other businesses are utilising augmented reality to gain a competitive edge. We create augmented reality solutions for businesses who want to provide their customers with engaging experiences.


We create, manage, and support specialised software development teams for our clients, as well as provide recruitment and relocation services for companies looking to hire developers to work on-site in their own offices.

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We create, manage, and support specialized software development teams for our clients, as well as providing recruitment and relocation services for companies looking to hire developers to work on-site in their own offices.

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LIveLike: Startup Company Introduces Innovative Sports VR Technology

LIveLike: Startup Company Introduces Innovative Sports VR Technology

While the promises of virtual reality is coming to life in the gaming, film, and a few other multimedia industries through ground-breaking equipment such as expensive consoles and rifts—a startup company quietly chose to take another route to delivering the wonders of virtual reality’s technology to sports fans.

Instead of being in the competitive and chaotic pool of producers and manufacturers of VR tools and gadgets, LiveLike VR chose to take advantage of the same promising technology in another way: through broadcasting. The company is also to commend for having identified its market that’s sure to take delight in the service LIveLIke offers: sports fans.

As a matter of fact, it would not really take a true sports fanatic to picture the significant difference of TV-viewing and being physically present in a game.LiveLike VR strives to provide its clients the promise of being able to immerse in the game as if they were actually present in the stadium through broadcasting technology.

LiveLike VR’s method can be simply thought of as your regular mobile streaming subscription that features your favorite sport in virtual reality. It starts with an on-site, wide-lens and camera that captures the area/stadium as the game happens. The data captured is transmitted through c-cast and broadcasting channels towards LiveLike servers. Finally, LiveLike servers share the amazing stream of fans’ favorite sports matches to its subscribers.

While other innovators and entrepreneurs scurry around to come up with ways to advance in the virtual reality scene, founder and CEO of LiveLike, Andre Lorenceau touched base on tapping broadcasting companies who are expected to want to partner with LiveLike VR. As the company’s official website puts it, they are a “San Francisco based startup building an application related to live sports watching in virtual reality.” The LiveLike team calls their application to be “more than a simple 360 video” that has, as stated in their website, “drawn serious interest from major teams and broadcasters across the globe.”

Lang tells the details of his first-hand experience with LiveLike VR and describes it as a surprisingly impressive prototype. LiveLike VR, although still impossible to give the actual stadium feel, allows for slow motion and zoom capabilities, to name a few.


Lang commends the outcome of a single camera and lens on-site for producing a video quality that makes its viewers feel present in a stadium. Lorenceau has also been mentioned as telling Lang that the process of video capturing is easy on the part of the actual person doing it. Lang’s feature of LiveLike VR gives technical definitions, current ups and downs of the product, while getting also getting Lorenceau to admit to their plan of launching LiveLike Social—a platform for friends to virtually hangout as they watch their favorite virtually “real” game.

The potential of LiveLike to grow and evolve beyond broadcasting sports games in virtual reality is tremendous. It is easy to imagine the countless media industries that can take advantage of the technology put together by LiveLike.

Responsive Web VR -The Future is Turning into the Future We Thought it Might !

Even though VR (virtual reality) is still in it’s infancy, it captures our imagination at every passing technological thought and it is companies like Google, Oculus and Samsung who are the ones who are turning that imagination into reality. The aforementioned companies are doing all they can to get developers psyched about creating immersive virtual reality experiences. Responsive web VR design may hold the key to those answers.

Some of you may remember the “write once, run anywhere, promise”? It is an old issue that developers have always found themselves in. The way the internet is these days, it may just be the closest thing to actually fulfilling that promise. As opposed to producing native apps that only seem to really function for just one single platform, or maybe even one of the prototype VR headsets, developers have the chance to create their VR experiences using the HTML format. Then from that point on you have the option to simply run them within the browser.

Chrome Likes What it Sees in VR Possibilities

This particular idea is widely known as WebVR and the idea is embraced by numerous developers and organizations, and one of their larger proponents happens to be Mozilla. WebVR just last year had begun marketing their very own website “MozVR” as added VR support. Chrome is also joining in the VR party when they had unveiled the DIY Cardboard VR viewer last year.

The thing is though, these various efforts have not done the trick because they have not shown any compatibility. The latest round of the VR fest has barely even begun and it looks as though already that the world of VR is relatively fragmented thus far. So as of now it looks as if developers such as Mozilla, Oculus and Google have to find some common ground regarding a standard or they will indeed have to ready their own cross-platform approach.

This happens to be the exact approach that the company “Smus” is taking with their very own brand of responsive web VR design which will in fact quickly detect if a specific user accesses a given site with the desktop or a mobile browser and they will then optimize the experience just as they see it fit.

Someday Without Glasses

Responsive web VR design will always make sure that the content will immediately adapt to the environment by utilizing flexible images, fluid layouts and proportional grids. It will essentially be what you’d call a bit of a cocktail of contemporary web technologies. This concept will even operate minus any VR hardware.

The project that SMUS is putting forward is an open source project which will enable developers to produce VR experiences that are absolutely HTML-based. This will also function more properly with Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift and maybe someday it will not even need those particular eye sets thrown in the mix.

What the Future has in Store

The way it looks for right now though, all developers need to feel pretty excited about these new prospects and what the future has in store for cross-platform potential. This especially goes for the type of experience which will operate in a simple desktop or mobile browser mode through the VR headset, which of course adds a totally exciting new development to responsive web VR design.

Top 10 Oculus Demos to impress your friends

10. Budda Music experience


Godance with ghosts; it’s as legendary as it appears. Add your very own songs tracks to this demonstration as well as boogie the evening away. You could also fly.


9. IR Body Scans


UnfortunatelyI can not truly reveal you whatever in this demonstration as I wish to maintain it function conserve however allows simply state I wish it not cool in this area. IR Body Scans demonstration takes reality scans of individuals as well as puts them in a Virtual Reality atmosphere. They look so sensible it’s terrifying or even solving up in their faces makes you really feel uneasy. If future Virtual Reality video games utilize this realistic look in their avatar styles after that we could truly see individuals come to be addicted to their Virtual Reality neglect as well as live concerning the real life exterior.


8. Dreadhalls


Thedesigner of this video game states Dreadhalls is a terrifying as well as extreme experience, except the pale of heart. You have actually been alerted! And I would certainly take them at their word. If you have earphones as well as they are transformed up loud for an absolutely emissive experience, This is exceptionally extreme as well as will certainly frighten the living daylights out of you particularly. If your pals assume their tough adequate as well as like scary motion pictures after that obtain them to attempt this, This would certainly not be the finest demonstration to reveal everyone however.


7. Lunar Flight


IfNASA constructed a simulator of Egeal One after that this would certainly be it. This experience places you in the chauffeur seat as well as whatever really feels genuine as well as genuine. After a couple of mins you neglect you’re playing a video game as you require all your restriction to fly your lunar car from area to area. When you assume you’re grasped it you’re sent out to Mars where the gravity is various as well as it’s an entire various other video game, Then simply.


6. iRacing


Everwished to own quickly around a track. Now you can. Burn rubber as you own at more than 100 miles a hr. If feeling like you’re putting on an auto racing safety helmet, What’s excellent concerning this Virtual Reality experience is that in fact putting on the Rift makes. You could not be as affordable as someone utilizing a huge screen however I could ensure you’re having 100 times even more enjoyable.


5. Real Power a.k.a (Superman)


When we were more youthful,

We’ve all done it. Put a covering around our shoulders as well as embarked on the couch reasoning we areSuperman Well currently we could look equally as ridiculous with the Rift on our face however this time around we in fact seem like were flying genuine. You could elude in between structures, fly loophole the loopholes as well as rescue the great people of this arbitrary city. Not far more to state concerning this demonstration however it transforms you right into a youngster once more as well as you can not quit grinning while flying.


4. Cinema Virtual Reality


Everobtain frustrated by individuals making sounds in your regional movie theater, Do you appear to constantly obtain the most awful seat in your home, Fear not, this is a distant memory. You could currently have your very own Cinema select any kind of seat in your home, make as much sound as you like or even select exactly what motion picture to play. Cinema Virtual Reality is your very own individual movie theater will certainly play any kind of motion picture you such as saved on your computer system. This has whatever from the projector behind you to the beverages owner in the seat. If you go to a genuine movie theater, What’s excellent concerning this is that it also plays complete 3D motion pictures much better compared to.


3. Titans of Space


I truly never ever believed understanding might be a lot enjoyable. When you band on your own right into Titans of Space the very first point you discover is world earth is drifting simply before you. After a couple of minutes of open mouth gazing you overlook at your legs as well as see a complete body character as well as your hands positioned on your knees. This makes you raise your hands quickly just to discover that the in video game hands do not relocate this truly plays mind video games with your mind. After a couple of mins obtaining usage to this brand-new atmosphere you’re off for a journey around the planetary system. This demonstration truly reveals Virtual Reality’s possibility for education and learning in the future. One journey on this demonstration will certainly have you finding out more in 20 mins after that an entire week having your head hidden in some publications. An legendary experience inside out.


2. Half Life 2 (TrainStation )


Oneof the hand packed with video games that presently has complete Virtual Reality assistance. If it’s obtaining on in years, Half Life 2 is still a work of art also. Most people would certainly have warm memories of this video game as it integrated excellent tale informing with very first individual activity. The initial video game would certainly remain in most individuals leading 10 video games of perpetuity now the very best simply improved. Valve included Virtual Reality assistance for the Rift when you initial step off the train in industry 7 for the very first time in Virtual Reality you will certainly simply marvel as well as check out the terminal. This video game offers us simply a glance of exactly what’s being available in the future as well as you will certainly be absolutely astonished at just how submersed you remain in the video game globe.


1. Rift Coaster


Wastheir ever before any kind of uncertainty of the ultimate champion? This demonstration has actually been many people’s very first Virtual Reality experience as Rift proprietors enjoy to see their loved ones howl as they look at the side. They are great deals of rollercoaster trials available however this is without a doubt one of the most prominent. The sluggish launch, the ramp as well as the sound of the track as you climb up ever before closer to the ultimate decrease makes the customer tighten as well as near completion of the flight they obtain a shock as they see the track separate as well as they fly over the castle wall surfaces. Your assured a laugh seeing your grandmas response to this, (if you do not provide her a cardiovascular disease initially ). It’s an extremely basic demonstration however one that truly obtains the very best responses.

Electronix Express Fannego VR Headset – Virtual Reality Headset Solution

Ultra Contemporary Fannego VR Headset will Supply you seamless Virtual reality experience. Its headset is coated with the top excellent sponge that lowers the strain on ears & guarantees proper performance of the headphone. Its most recent design raises its durability & guarantees ideal functionality. It’s composed of adjustable straps that allow it to be comfortable to use. It supports a wide array of smartphones with different display dimensions. Experience a new world of virtual reality by simply shifting your Smartphone to Fannego VR headset.




It’s composed of top excellent memory nozzle that makes the headset soft and comfy to use. The sponge in cans lessens the strain on the ears of this headset. The headset includes high-quality durable T shaped straps. It comes with high-quality lenses where we could adjust student space & object space when watching movies or playing games The set also supports all of the smartphones with a screen of 4.0- 6.5 inches.




Fannego 3D Vr headset is Composed of high Excellent material Which raises its durability and makes it comfortable for wearing. It’s more suitable with stereo headset whose outer coating consists of top excellent protein, sound insulating material to decrease noisy. It includes Front and rear expansion to accommodate to another kind and age of individuals. The VR consists of high-quality equipment. It consists of flexible T shaped straps that may be used by people with a distinct group of individuals which range from kids to adults. The soft padding facing VR cardboard makes it comfortable to wear & aids to improve your virtual reality experience.

This VR includes top quality Optical Resin Lens making sure that you don’t sense any observable fatigue & nausea even after using it for an extended time. This premium grade lens protects your eyes from straining when you’re enjoying 3D games or movies. Its eyeglasses include flexible pupil space and object space matches distinct groups of individuals. It’s specially designed with flexible headband & mesh leather eye area which aids VR headset to fit your own face efficiently. This VR headset is specially designed for smartphones with 4.0- 6.5-inch screen. It’s compatible with smartphones such as iPhone 4S, iPhone 5s, Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, S6, Note4, Note5, LG Nexus 5, LG G2, G3, LG V10, LG bend, HTC One M, Nexus 6 etc..


3D VR Headset, J&D 3D Virtual Reality Headset




1) It’s very durable & superbly designed VR headset.
2) Its mind straps & side straps are extremely powerful & can quickly adjust in your face.




Experience all new degree of virtual reality with all Ultra Contemporary Fannego Vr headset. This headset will immerse you into perfect virtual Fact that you can not experience in any other VR headset. Its high Excellent lens protects your eyes from Surplus of stress & straining & you’ll be able to play your favorite game or Watch 3D movies for an extended time. Its comfortable headband & sleeves make it Appropriate for individuals of all ages. Fannego VR headset is very affordable & will certainly give you world-class virtual reality experience.

How to Choose a Virtual Reality Headset


There is no doubt that we live in a world that is not only electronically connected, it is electronically motivated. In fact, it seems as if almost everything that we do is surrounded by electronics and that is evident when you simply look up and see all the people who are buried in their mobile phone, chatting, playing games and checking their social media streams. Sometimes, technology takes a turn as well and that is the case with virtual reality.

The concept of virtual reality is not anything new and we have been hearing about it for many decades. Thanks to the changes in electronics and the speed with which things are improving, it is now possible to take the leap from science fiction into science fact. In fact, it really takes nothing more than some software and a virtual reality headset to begin experiencing this amazing technology for yourself.

Virtual reality (VR) has been constantly improving since it was first introduced not all that long ago to those of us in the “real world.” One reality to keep in mind about all of the technology, however, is that there are significant differences from one headset to another. In fact, we might expect to have the same general VR experience, regardless of whether we are using an old cardboard set or if we’re using some of the newest and greatest technology on the market.

The real changes are just now beginning to take place. It isn’t because virtual reality has been stagnant in recent years but rather, it’s because it is becoming available to the average person. In fact, if you head down to your local electronics store or even an office supply store, you are likely to see some virtual reality headset options and you can even try one on for size.

When you’re first introduced to virtual reality, you might be so amazed with what you see that you automatically feel as if you should purchase that particular headset. The fact of the matter is, however, it does take a little bit of research on your part in order to choose the headset that is right for you. After all, there are going to be differences in the quality of what you see and of course, there are going to be differences in the prices as well.

Most people can break down a VR headset into one of 3 different categories; extremely cheap, middle-of-the-road or top-of-the-line. The one that you choose has to do with a number of different factors, including the price and even the type of experience that you can expect to have when you strap it on. Let’s take a look at each of these categories and see which one is right for you.


Budget-Friendly Virtual Reality Headsets


If you really want to break things down to its most simplistic level, you can use nothing more than a piece of cardboard that is made to fit your smartphone screen and a few elastic bands to keep it on your head. As you have things positioned properly, you can get a general idea of what a more expensive VR headset is going to provide for you. Typically, this type of headset is not for a full VR experience but rather, it is for watching a 360° video.

The real benefit of one of these less expensive VR headsets is the fact that, obviously, it is less expensive. For those who are just starting out and want to have a general experience to see whether VR is something they enjoy, it may be well worth it. At the same time, there are some limitations to this particular headset. After all, it’s typically made out of cardboard! You can expect to pay about $15-$20 for one of these less expensive versions but don’t be surprised if you end up spending more by upgrading before very long.


Middle-Of-The-Road Virtual Reality Headsets


If you’re ready to take a step up from the cardboard/smartphone VR headset, you can do so by spending more money and getting a higher quality unit. These units have a lot to offer and this may even be the place that many beginners want to start out, especially if they know they are interested in sticking with it for any length of time.

Some of the mid-range VR headsets are quite sophisticated and they may even have a number of different options that will help you to enjoy the experience even more. This includes better control, a more sturdy unit and perhaps even a built-in lens so that you don’t need to use your smartphone. In many cases, you can also download additional software to these headsets from the app store, but you may end up spending money on the software if you want anything of the highest quality.

One of the factors that you will certainly want to look into if you are in the mid-range are the controllers. There are some headsets that have some excellent controllers and a system that is going to be fairly self-contained and quite capable of a true VR experience. At the same time, there may be other units that don’t offer the same level of controllers in order to keep the price at a lower level.


Top-Of-The-Line Virtual Reality Headsets


Most people don’t make the leap directly to a top-of-the-line virtual reality headset, but if you know that it is something you are going to use on a regular basis, it may just be worth putting out the extra money at first. Purchasing a middle-of-the-road headset to see if it is something you’re going to use may just be a waste of money if you already know you’re going to use it.

The higher end VR headsets have a lot to offer, including upgraded features and upgraded comfort. The problem is, these upgraded options also come with something else that is upgraded, the price. Rather than paying under $200 for a VR headset, you can expect to pay $600 or more and in some cases, much more. If you really want the experience of virtual reality, however, one of these higher-quality headsets is the way to go.

It is also important to have something on the backend that will run the higher end virtual-reality headsets. This is something that many people tend to overlook, but it can end up crossing you a significant amount of money if you don’t budget for it from the start. It may even require a new desktop computer and to get all of the power that you need, and may tack on $1000 to the price of the headset itself.

One other factor that needs to be kept in mind is that the high-end headsets are going to continue to improve and there is always going to be that one option that isn’t available when you make your purchase but may be available just a few months down the road.

Because of the constant changes taking place in virtual-reality technology, you can consider buying a VR headset like buying a computer. Get the best one that you can afford for now but don’t constantly try to upgrade in order to match all of the new changes that are coming out. Enjoy what you have available and then when your budget allows, buy the latest and greatest and take advantage of the new features it includes. It’s the best option to have some fun and stick to your budget at the same time.

Why VR is going to change theme parks – Derren Brown’s Ghost Train

SPOILER WARNING – Those intending to ride Derren Brown’s Ghost train at Thorpe Park may want to stop reading if they don’t want the surprise ruined.

The somewhat misnamed Derren Brown’s Ghost Train in the Uk amusement park Thrope Park, is a new take on the classic ghost train, which uses a combination of VR, classic rollercoaster movement, as well real life elements to try and spook you silly. Made by Figment Productions, a team specialising in theme park attractions that helped make Galactica in Alton Towers, as well as supposedly the well-known mentalist Derren Brown – although I can’t help but feel his role was similar to George Foreman’s in the famous grill.

The attraction begins with an introduction from the man himself in hologram form before the group is ushered into another room where you enter a train. Based off the London Underground, the seats have HTC Vive headsets for all riders, and the experience begins with a brief encounter with a shady looking guy, who explains in essence the ‘plot’, that in a quest for energy mankind has drilled too deep and exposed some sort of nasty gas.


Unfortunately, your conversation with the friendly gentleman is cut short by an incredibly rude zombie woman, who decides to bust through the train carriage window and give you a good spooking. The VR is complemented by real-world elements as staff touch your legs as the screen flickers off and on until you’re are told rather convincingly to remove your headsets and get off the train, only to find you have arrived at another station.

At this destination, there is a pretty cool real world element involving actors turning into zombies, and a lot of confusion that happens so fast you don’t really have time to compose yourself before being ushered back onto the train for the final VR segment. Here the attraction attempts somewhat of a movie style scene with giant monsters and lots of explosions before rounding off with one last spooking.

The whole experience, in my opinion, was thoroughly entertaining, and a total breath of fresh air, but as with all things there were pros and cons. I want to use Derren Brown’s Ghost Train to highlight why we feel VR is going to change theme park attractions, but also some of the current reasons why it may be a while before it actually becomes commonplace.

Firstly, there is the fact that VR enables the creation of scenes that otherwise would be impossible to create. For example, you could not physically have someone break through a window 100 times a day, nor disappear completely out of sight and reappear inches from someone’s face, without the use of VR. And if there was somehow a way that was physically plausible, the only thing scarier would be the cost.

The possibilities for attractions using VR are endless, as although with something like Derren Brown’s Ghost Train which has a specific VR scene pathway there is less flexibility, with any other bog standard rollercoaster parks could offer thousands of different experiences through VR on the same ride, infinitely increasing the attractiveness of returning to the park.


A second advantage of using VR which is used to a degree onboard Derren Brown’s Ghost Train, is the fact that because you cannot see the real world, there is so much opportunity for real life elements to be used to greater effect than when you can actually see what’s going on. For example, during the Ghost Train the visuals and sounds of a monster breathing are backed up by some sort of fan that blows air onto you. Whilst this does a good job of adding to the experience its hard to believe it would have anywhere near the same effect if you could see the fan.

Also whilst you are unable to see what’s happening around you there are tonnes of opportunity to mess with the people on the ride. During Derren Brown’s Ghost Train you are confused when you pull up at a different station, but can you imagine if instead you were placed say, into a different carriage by yourself, or when you took off the headset there was an actor/mannequin of the monster on the VR right in front of you. Admittedly it may result in a few heart attacks but nothing a good PR team couldn’t sweep under the rug.

Finally and most obviously VR has the amazing ability to make its users believe they are really ‘in’ the experience. Whilst regular roller coasters are fun and scary, it’s easy to accept the reality that you’ve watched this ride go around 100 times whilst in the queue and everything is fine. Whereas – as I’m sure most of you reading this are well aware – in VR it’s incredibly easy to forget you actually have a headset on at all, yet alone are on a theme park attraction. Not only does this make rides more scary and immersive, but also means that each attraction has much more of an ability to stand out, rather than just being more of the same just slightly faster, or with a higher % chance to throw up.


However ,VR on rides may not be rolled out in a large scale yet for a number of reasons.


Firstly there is the obvious fact that currently, the technology has got a while to go before achieving any kind of true photo-realism. For some people, especially those already familiar with VR, attractions such as the VR segments on Derren Browns Ghost Train could seem like little more than a budget indie game graphically speaking, which could certainly kill immersion. Also, there are certain immersion killing elements such as the fact that you cannot see your body, and that when you put on your headset the 50 other people in the cabin with you suddenly disappear from sight but not sound.

Secondly, is the unavoidable lack of physical feedback that comes with VR. In the live action segment of Derren Brown’s Ghost Train when a zombie actor ran at the crowd he sent people flying, meanwhile in the cabin, when you swat at the zombies in front of your face you feel nothing but air, causing you to remember ‘ oh yeah, this isn’t real’. Again this is obviously unnavoidable but certaintly something that can be a buzzkill for some people, rather than if it didn’t exist in the first place.

A final drawback at the moment is the expense. While I’m sure that the worlds major theme parks are in no tight spot financialy – bar when they accidentally remove legs – the use of 50+ vives and the rest of the tech needed to run the attraction, along with the neccessary maintenance and potential for faults, may not seem worth the investment. Especially for rides that work perfectly fine without it.


So in summary:


VR on rides is awesome and could be the future of rides because:

Allows the creation of otherwise impossible scenes
Can vastly increase the ‘replay value’ of rides
Opportunities for real world elements whilst blinded by VR
Unrivalled immersion and scope for much higher fear factor, as well as potentailly more unique rides.


However VR on rides is held back by :

Current tech doesn’t allow phot realsim
certain elements ruin immersion eg no body, no fellow passengers in the VR, no physical feed back
Will theme parks actually bother to fork out for VR and the hassle that comes with it?

Clearly this is not a comprehensive list, but I hope it has provided a bit of food for though on the future of Theme park attractions using VR.

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