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One of the most exciting things a company can do is bring virtual reality to its customers. We can help you build virtual experiences that will blow people's minds since we have unrivalled skills in 3D modelling, rendering, animation, and VR app development.


Retail, manufacturing, education, and other businesses are utilising augmented reality to gain a competitive edge. We create augmented reality solutions for businesses who want to provide their customers with engaging experiences.


We create, manage, and support specialised software development teams for our clients, as well as provide recruitment and relocation services for companies looking to hire developers to work on-site in their own offices.

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We create, manage, and support specialized software development teams for our clients, as well as providing recruitment and relocation services for companies looking to hire developers to work on-site in their own offices.

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Will You Be Ready for the Virtual Reality Future?

Recently finished reading prepared Player One by Ernest Martin Cline. Admittedly, i’m a bit late to the party. The book, printed in 2011, is already a classic, shortly to be a show directed by Steven Spielberg.

The book has created a profound impact on Pine Tree State, because it unsecured in my mind a thinkable path to totally immersive video game (VR). maybe for the primary time in my life, it became clear what it’ll be like once a digital copy of Pine Tree State goes through the “gate.”

Here is that the outline of my takeaways, without any plot spoilers.

1. Multiple personalities
Our digital copies won’t be copies in the least. Rather, they’re going to be our digital fantasies.

Even today, with the restricted quantity of digital expression given to United States of America by chats and texts and Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat posts, we will see this trend. Our on-line identities are not constant as our real world ones. we do not wish them to be. no matter shortcomings or insecurities we’ve, we tend to tend to overcompensate for them on-line.

Once absolutely immersive VR is here, all and sundry goes to be ready to produce a far a lot of developed, realistic digital persona within the on-line world. The characters in prepared Player One once on-line are not something like they’re in real world. they’re higher trying, stronger and a lot of free as a result of they don’t seem to be delimited by the laws of physics.

What will it mean to measure within the world wherever each folks can have many, absolutely complete selfs?

It is onerous to understand from our current viewpoint. however rather like children became full digital natives, future generations can naturally exist in each the physical and digital worlds.

2. Mind over matter
As persons evolved, therefore did our minds. Since the dawn of civilization, strength and muscles were the traits that ensured survival. however a lot of and a lot of, this has stopped being the case. Intelligence has been process the long run and dominating the ordering. These days, if you’re sensible you’ll be able to create more cash and have a higherer|a more robust|an improved} living than if you’re simply strong.

Virtual reality takes this maybe to the final word extreme as a result of strength and our physical bodies dwindle and fewer relevant. Motion and speed in VR rely a lot of on our minds and intelligence and not most on our physical bodies.

It is exceptionally and odd to assume that mind overtakes matter. After all, however will the mind exist and be healthy if there’s no actual body to support it? The hero of prepared Player One still has got to exercise within the physical world each day to remain in form, however this can be concerning the sole activity he will that’s not within VR. there’s little question that if he he had a selection of absolutely going in VR he would bonk during a heartbeat (pun intended).

3. Physics becomes economic science
The digital world is resistance. Scrolling on your phone needs a lot of less effort than flipping a page of a book. we will simply move objects within the digital world, as a result of the principles of physics don’t apply. Yet, physics isn’t entirely gone in VR. Instead, it’s replaced by economic science.

Our digital equivalents can rule the planet with unlocks, level ups and digital currency. to leap higher, run quicker and transport to distant worlds one can would like currency and talent. there’ll still be barriers, however they’re going to economical instead of physical.

We will be ready to wire and build ourselves and our worlds through in-app purchases. New looks, new covering, new weapons, new homes and new powers are accessible a lot of within the same approach they’re accessible these days in apps and games — via points and digital currency.

4. Full immersion
Today’s VR experiences area unit still not absolutely immersive. you’ll be able to tell you’re carrying a telephone receiver. you’ll be able to feel the surface world through your skin. you recognize {you area unitn’t|you are not} very on the road once you are in VR. within the world delineate in prepared Player One, the characters expertise absolutely immersive VR, and it’s exceptionally.

Imagine golf stroke on a full leotard and a visor and going in other places. keep in mind once Apple introduced tissue layer displays with a lot of pixels that our eyes will very appreciate? Imagine VR going constant approach.

Fully immersive VR can bring you to strange new worlds that may feel equally (pun intended) as real as our world these days. you may not be ready to tell a distinction between walking through the Grand Canyon and walking through a landscape on Mars.

5. When will we get there?
What is the horizon for all this magic? seemingly at intervals ten to fifteen years. the general public unleash of major headsets expected shortly are the start, however to be clear, it’ll be a few years before what’s delineate in prepared Player One to become our reality.

For starters, the resolution and also the motion remains within the beta stages. you’ll be able to tell you’re within a computer game. Navigation presents a good larger challenge. you do not have a good thanks to navigate in VR these days and that we area unit terribly secluded from full immersion employing a leotard.

Yet, we will already see a great deal of progress created all told of those directions. Even staring at the VR corporations applying this year to Techstars, we tend to area unit ready to see methods to it absolutely immersive future.

6. Philosophical implications
If your head is spinning from all of this — i do not blame you, so is mine. The philosophical and social implications of VR area unit large. The shift to mobile with the invention of the iPhone can mix into the remainder of history as not that fascinating once we’ve absolutely immersive VR.

What happens to society at massive once people prefer to either board the virtual world? however will individuals sustain themselves? will we discern how to be absolutely digitized, and create a leap like Jake from Avatar? What will it mean, and the way is it even possible??

I don’t have a clue. however I deeply believe that individuals can figure it out.

Whatever it’s, the new, absolutely immersive VR world are really superb and exceptionally.

Topjoy VR01 Virtual Reality Helmet

Doesn’t it sound exciting to be in a surreal world even when you are sitting on the cozy mattress in your living room? How stimulating it would be to experience a matchless fantasy when you are actually far away from the reality? After a tiresome and exhausted day at office, don’t you really want to forget all the weariness and spend some quality time without spending even a single buck?

Well, a virtual world can help you to a great extent. With a Topjoy VR01 virtual reality helmet, you can actually get what you are looking for. Just make a one-time investment buying this exclusive product and you will not only get the best value for your money, but also be able to experience an indelible account that you could hardly think of before.

Do you have a smart phone?

Well, all you need to have is a smart phone. Plug in the topjoy VR01 headset to your smart phone and you will be transported into a completely different world. Have you ever thought of enjoying a three dimensional movie sitting in your living room? Probably not! But, gone are those days when you had to take all the efforts to visit multiplexes and stand in a long queue for a considerable gap of time. With the launch of Topjoy VR01 virtual reality helmet, you can enjoy watching 3D picture in your smart phone itself.

What does it combine of?

Now, if you are being introduced with the term virtual world’ for the first time in your life, it’s worth mentioning a fact that this helmet is exclusively made for smart phones. A number of innovative technologies have been clubbed together into the device and with this top-end make over, the Topjoy VR01 can turn a 2D picture to 3D just in a fraction of second. Starting from 4.0 inch phones to 5.7 inch ones, this exclusive technology works in almost all the models. Also, you are absolutely wrong, if you have such misconception that the 3D effect provided by this helmet comes nowhere when it gets compared to the special impact created by a Cinema. You believe it or not, the Topjoy VR01 helmet will give you a lifelike experience and probably, help you have the best time in the world.

Shimmers with exclusive features

No matter, whether you want to play a video game or you want to watch the movie you saw in the television in 3D version, a Topjoy VR01 device will endow you with everything you are in search of. Well, have you just come back gathering a number of exhilarating memories from one of the most beautiful places in the country? Is your smart phone now loaded with a myriad of splendid videos and photographs? Then, what are wasting your time for? Connect the Topjoy device to your phone and go back to the place where you collected all the memories from!

Easy to use as well

This virtual reality handset is more than easy to use! You really don’t have to undertake all the hassles while putting this device into action. All you need to do is insert the helmet on your mobile phones and on clicking the video clips you have in your system, you will be transported into a completely different zone where anyone just pines to be present! The Topjoy device will not only give you a 3D cinema effect, but also guarantees to give you a world-class experience.

The specific advantages of using Topjoy VR01 virtual reality helmet are as follows:


Its PD (Pupil Distance) adaptable quality makes suitable for all the people who want to experience something different, something unique and something unforgettable. It’s easy to wear too. Just wear it like a helmet as you do while riding your bike. It will take seconds to transport you to a dream world.

Its exclusive studio regulating features will allow you to use smart phones of any model, brand or size and you will be able to enjoy the device to the fullest.

The advanced suckers in the helmet make it very comfortable and convenient for the users.

Would you really be able to enjoy the 3D effects, if you had to sit still in a place? Certainly not!! With this innovative device, you can easily move, change your place whenever you want along with enjoying the premium effects in the helmet.

Moreover, you can easily adjust the distance of the lens to your mobile phone whenever you want. Yes, it’s this much flexible!!

Last but not the least; you can buy a virtual world with a moderate price range. You don’t have to make a hole in your pocket while buying this device. Topjoy VR01 virtual reality helmet is available in a price range that every commoner can afford.

Points to remember:

As you know, 3D effects are never enjoyable in the bare eyes. Still, this is not the only reason why you should not wear the helmet in the naked eyes. In case, you are over more than 550 degree myopia, it can affect your eye sight to a very bad extent. Thus, it’s always recommended to use the special spectacles available in the market for watching 3D shows under the helmet. Also, It’s better to restrict the children under thirteen from using such headset.

Things to consider before you buy a Topjoy VR01 device:

Even if you are now aware of all the advantages this miniature device has to offer, it would be your utter stupidity to buy the helmet for any random store. Not every shop selling this product is reliable. There always remains a possibility to be duped by any artificial product. Staying away from such con enterprises is where you expertise lies in. It’s worth suggesting that you always cross check the reputation of the store before you approach it. An extensive research in the Internet would certainly help or also, you can take reference from them who have recently or formerly purchased this device and thus, can help you in the best possible manner.

What are you still mulling over? Don’t you think, it’s the right time to buy the device? Go to your nearby store and purchase the Topjoy VR01 virtual world helmet as soon as you can! Yes, you are just one step away from experiencing an awesome amusement.

The Things About the Future of Virtual Reality That Nobody Told You About

Virtual Reality is more and more the main topic for many discussions, both online and offline.

To a certain degree, we all have some foundation knowledge and understanding when it comes to VR, but for many it still remains a mystery when we try to project ahead and predict what the future will bring us. How is virtual reality going to change the way we live, the way we understand “reality” now, in 2021?

This article will elaborate 3 things related to the future of virtual reality and offer some possible scenarios and outcomes of the “change” that awaits us…

With that being said, let’s dive in!

The Rise of a new and powerful industry

Okay, we can all agree that probably Oculus Rift and its founder Palmer Luckey and now Facebook with Zuckerberg after the acquisition will be remembered as the “revolutionary and first virtual device” in the virtual reality industry.


One company and one technological device is really just the beginning and not an industry on its own. If we look at the PC industry for example, or better, the “gaming industry” in the last 10-15 years, we’d be quick to agree that as a result of the gaming industry revolution all kinds of companies have been developed, changed and modified, and many new innovations have taken place.

Personal computers had to become suitable for the new powerful chips and graphic cards invented from companies such as AMD, Intel, Nvidia and the like. You see, the gaming industry pulled all kinds of other IT sectors with it and started literally a revolution, which nowadays weights many billions of dollars!

The same will happen with the Virtual Reality industry. This is just the beginning and we should expect so much more novelty in the upcoming years. Companies will compete hard to deliver a better customer experience and we will benefit from that in a big way.

VR will revolutionize the world perhaps even more than the most recent and major cultural shift – from analog to digital, from offline to online, from brick and mortar to the internet and all the PCs, tablets, smartphones and so on.

Virtual reality in the future will be much more “physical”. As of this moment, all VR devices including the most used Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are equipped with sensors, which somewhat “allow” us to experience some physicality in the experience. Such as swinging with a golf club or perhaps draw with a pencil… but… the problem is that we still get the feeling of the controller in our hand instead of a golf club or a pencil. (Oculus Rift doesn’t even provide any controllers yet but they probably will in 2022)

The future will change all of this. The technology will evolve to such a degree that we will have a completely real feeling of the virtual reality, such as swinging with a real golf club or holding a real pencil in our hands (of course these are just some basic examples, the possible scenarios are virtually endless).

And guess what? This will be only the beginning!

“Physical touch” will only be just a small part of what’s coming ahead! Some predict that we will be even able to experience the feeling of the wind. Some even suggest that we will be able to “smell” and even to feel the “temperature”!

There’s no doubt about it, virtual reality will get much more “physical” and soon will come the time when it will be hard to distinguish between what’s real and what’s virtually imagined.

The Revolutionary Nanotechnology

Did you realize that one nanometer would one say one is billionth of a meter?

Nanotechnology is a new technology which is consisted of the measurement, demonstration, implication, application and control of matter. Consider this, a single sheet of paper is consisted of roughly hundred thousand nanometers in thickness. Now imagine using this nanotechnology to construct “nano devices”!

This will completely revolutionize our world and what today we consider as “reality”!

In fact, nanotechnology is already being used in many experiments and projects! It won’t be long until it will be presented to the masses for commercial use.

So the obvious question – how can we relate nanotechnology to virtual reality and its future?

Well, there is certainly a huge debate on this topic but most experts nowadays claim that what for some is just science fiction will possibly become a tangible reality such as “entering the digital” or becoming one with this newly created environment.

In plain English, this translated to uploading our “consciousness” into a specialized device (powerful computer) which can even make us immortal (in terms of the conscious mind and not the physical body). However, many still consider this rather a theory without any evidence and arguments as to “how” it will be possible.

But still, even if the example above is far away from the new reality, nanotechnology will still revolutionize VR to such a degree that the experience will become so, so real, to the point that the “current reality” will later look as a virtual world instead of the other way around.

What will happen is in the hands of the future, and the only way to find out is to live long enough to take part in it.

So stay healthy, be happy, and live longer, in order to find out!

How Virtual Reality Provides exciting possibilities to business

A Pagani car, including extras, typically costs about $2Million. If you want to buy a $2Million car, as one does, how do you go about its configuration and setup? I suppose its optional extras would be slightly more sophisticated than the bog standard fabric protection spray and DAB radio? Of course, a Pagani car is actually so bespoke that the company is said to make less than 100 cars per year. That is part of the attraction for its super rich clientele. Some novel customization examples for the Pagani Huayra include:

Pick the color, style and fabric of choice for more than 1000 items
Complement your purchase with Pagani branded luggage to pop in your boot.
The Huayra badge fitted to the rear end of the car is produced from a single solid piece of aluminium in a process that takes 24 hours
The engine cover also takes about five days to complete
The style of your bow on delivery day can match the shape of your super-yacht
(I made that last one up, although it could probably be arranged)

A Painter’s Vision

Because the Pagani is so customisable, and so few cars are made every year, it is virtually impossible to see the one you ordered before it arrives. In fact, there are so few cars available you can’t even see a similar one in the showroom. A few years ago, when you finally managed to order a Pagani (there is a substantial waiting list), the company would send a painter to your home to sit with you and walk through the configuration. The painter would enable you to walk through its myriad of options and thus help you get a better understanding of what the car would actually look like upon delivery.

Remarkable of course, but also slightly inefficient? How do you know if the Painter got every little detail spot on (excuse the pun)? How do you make sure you would not be disappointed with the final result?


Well, Pagani recently decided to up its game. They brought their customisation process into the 21st century and provide a new service, delivered by a company called ZeroLight. I was at an event recently where the CMO of ZeroLight spoke: François de Bodinat explained that ZeroLight “is a company which uses Virtual Reality to provide customers of highly customized products the best possible buying experience.”

ZeroLight is able to provide Pagani’s customers with a unique Virtual Reality experience of their customized car before it gets delivered. And what’s more, you can pull all the car’s components off with the wireless controller. You can strip it completely bare if you want to. Want to pull the door off and throw it into the sky? Go ahead. Or would you rather lift the hood and see the engine, go ahead. Why don’t you step inside! Yup, just walk through the doors and “sit” inside. I got to try it myself and it was a fun experience to be completely carefree (and careless) with the expensive supercar. The feeling of presence established a connection with that car that would have been impossible to replicate with a 2D experience.

The Event

The event that I attended was The Virtual_ in the CitizenM Hotel in London on Thursday 23rd February. The event had a sort of living-room feel, with a variety of really interesting speakers and live Virtual Reality demonstrations. The trendy hotel in central London looking out on Tower Bridge was the perfect match for this funky get-together of creative minds and curious adventure seekers.

The Virtual_’s first event was in Glasgow, and this was the second “episode” based in London. They are now seeking to replicate the event all across the UK, Europe and the US. It aims to connect people from different industries and different locations who are leveraging new technologies in creative ways.

Steve Dann & Medical Realities

The first speaker of the evening was Steve Dann, Co-Founder of Medical Realities. Medical Realities is an innovative group offering medical training products, specializing in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and serious games. By using consumer-level VR devices such as the Oculus Rift, Medical Realities can reduce the cost of training, reach a wider audience & provide a completely safe learning environment for medical students. Steve also owns a company called Amplified Robot and is head of the London branch of the VR/AR Association, and has managed to create a large following in a relatively short space of time.
Steve’s MeetUp Group has only been around for 9 months and already has more than 600 members. The London branch of the VR/AR Association meets every 2 months and host speakers and panelists who demo and discuss all aspects of VR and AR and how it applies to entertainment, gaming, enterprise, education, medicine, productivity and more.

Virtual Surgeon

Steve explained his “Virtual Surgeon” product is trying to address significant issues in medical education. By 2030, the UK expects a large percentage of its National Healthcare System’s surgeons to retire. So the UK is in desperate need to train a lot more surgeons. Taking into account that the average time to train a surgeon is typically about 15 years, we are already 2 years late in tackling this issue. The limitations that apply to more traditional education methods are often impacted by limitations such as being physically present in the operating theatre.

Virtual Surgeon is therefore trying to reduce the time it takes to train surgeons by providing a safe platform to learn and experience surgery. Virtual Surgeon uses Virtual Reality augmented with educational features such as the ability to switch between various viewpoints and adding contextual descriptions of what you see in front of you. The medical students who attended would pick up a lot of information that they had probably not been aware of, even if they had been present in the room.

Storytelling with Björk and Unity

Another speaker at the event was Andy Brammall, Technical Sales Director from the 3D gaming software giant Unity. Unity is the leading global game industry software and plays an important part in a booming global games market. More games are made with Unity than with any other game technology.

Andy’s presentation was about the diversity of 3D and VR/AR engineering and how Unity incorporates and facilitates storytelling. Andy told a story about how the Icelandic singer Björk organised an event at Somerset House in London last year, covered here by The Guardian.

As part of the event Björk wanted to organise a Virtual press-conference where she could address the press from Iceland, but also be physically “present” by live-streaming her body movements into a Virtual Reality engine, created by Unity. Björk basically sat in a room with her head and body completely covered in sensors and was live streamed more than 1100 miles from Reykjavik to London across the Ocean. Andy’s team had only 4 days to figure out how this would work in practice, but with some sleepless nights later managed to pull it off successfully.

The Carte Blanche Concept

Andy also shared Unity’s remarkable vision for the future of Virtual Reality design where anyone can create and develop 3D worlds without a need to have knowledge of coding.

If we manage to open development up to the masses I think we could have a game changer on our hands with regards to Content creation.The adoption of Virtual Reality may have been slower than expected, but I have faith in its inevitable expansion and further adoption.

I really enjoyed my time at The Virtual_ event. So if you get a chance to visit any of the regional hosted events I recommend you attend if you can!

Virtual reality adventure games

So if virtual reality truly is the holy grail of gaming then how will this new reality look and feel. In an occasional series I will try to imagine where this new adventure is going.
First up is an exploration of how this new immersive technology could breathe new life into what was my first beloved computer gaming genre, the adventure game.

Text adventure such as Zork had the lone adventurer exploring incredible textual environments with the goals of exploring, finding and manipulating objects and solving puzzles. These later developed into graphic point and click type affairs such as those from Sierra Leone and entered the 3D world with the likes of Tomb Raider. At each stage of their evolution these games gained better graphics and gameplay but lost some of the richness of detail that only the imagination and a well chosen adjective can provide.

I imagine that these humble adventure games could develop into something really breathtaking. Imagine the old text adventure Colossal Cave rendered into a real 3D world. The lone explorer armed only with a short sword and a dodgyoil lamp is now free to lose themselves in the canyons and crevices of a life size world, manipulate objects, scour a room for shiny objects. A frustrating, repetitive text maze of twisty little passages  becomes a  terrifying, claustrophobic nightmare.

This new lifesizeness ,which is one of  the most stunning differences beween this new technology and traditional gaming, could lead to some incredible gaming experiences. Imagine playing a version of Alice in Wonderland where partaking of the supersizing snacks would lead to a real dizzying shift in perspective. The rift might be a doorway to some truly psychedelic experiences.

While many might be drooling at the prospect of frenetic 3D warfare or the gang member experience of MMORPGs, some will be seeking a more serene experience. Text adventures were a solitary pleasure. To be alone, immersed in a mysterious new world, free to uncover its secrets at your own pace. One of the reasons for the popularity of the original Tomb Raider game was it offered a similar solitary experience, the goals are again exploring and puzzle solving. There is the odd monkey or tiger to dispatch but the shooting is only ever a distraction. On the rare occasions when something really threatening does appear (imagine that T-Rex lifesize) it is a jolting experience.

As well as poking about in damp dungeons, another much loved environment for text adventurers is the deserted (except for the occasional paranoid android) spaceship. Spaceships were always ideal for text adventures due to their restricted geography, and this closed offness will work well in a VR world too. In  a restricted, sterile environment it is possible to almost completely realise the world, render every button and fill the pockets of every spacesuit. The stranded astronaut would wander the passages accompanied only by the ambient chirping of the ship’s systems slowly uncovering the mystery inherent in the situation and occasionally pausing to gaze out of the giant screens at the passing starfield, aware that somewhere aboard the ship there almost certainly awaitesa silent horror to jog you from your reverie.

Enter an astonishing world with the Oculus Rift HD virtual reality headset

The Oculus Rift headset


The virtual reality Oculus Rift headset is the most exciting and innovative game project of the moment. We went to Los Angeles to try the Oculus Rift for ourselves and saw a new world opening up. In this Oculus Rift review we will talk about the possibilities and current state of the Oculus Rift. In 2021 the new startup Oculus VR made a big impression with their virtual reality headset on the crowd funding website Kickstarter. Within a month Oculus VR managed to get nearly $ 2.5 million. Oculus VR performed what many businesses could not succeed in: the development of an affordable virtual reality headset.

When the gamer puts on the headset he feels like he is really inside the game. The image moves itself to the place you look to. You do not look at a TV screen with a room around you, but stand in the middle of the game.

After several prototypes the first Oculus Rift headsets were sent to Kickstarter backers, mostly game developers. But Oculus VR is already busy with his new generation of virtual reality headsets, the Rift HD, which only came out from the factory a few days ago.




The resolution of the new Oculus Rift has increased from 720p to 1080p, and the weight of the device is with its 320 grams significantly lighter than its predecessor. In recent months the virtual reality headset has undergone a cosmetic makeover. While the first prototype was a converted ski-goggles with duct tape holding the electronics together, the new Oculus Rift headset has a fascinating design and is also very comfortable to use.

The Oculus Rift headset has a large rectangular projection on the front side which contains the 1080p-display and the technology necessary to detect movement. The material that is used for the Oculus Rift is mostly matt black plastic. In the inside of the Oculus Rift are two eyeholes and the elastic headband which ensures that the virtual reality headset stays in place but remains comfortable before your eyes.

At the moment the Oculus Rift is placed over the head of the wearer, the virtual reality headset must first move in such way that the image is sharp and there is nothing else to see but the LCD screen. In the 720p version of the Oculus Rift, it was still possible to see individual pixels. The 1080p version solves this problem: individual pixels that make the virtual reality experience less realistic are now much less present.




The movements that the wearer makes with his head are registered by the hardware of the Oculus Rift and is anticipated by the software. The Oculus Rift is very accurate unlike other virtual reality headsets . The faster the user looks around, the faster the Oculus Rift moves the image into the right position.

It is possible to look all the way up, down, right and left, or even to turn around. The Oculus Rift registers everything spotless. Game Legend John Carmack (creator of Doom) and Gabe Newell (founder of Valve) rave about the virtual reality headset.

The demo of the Oculus Rift runs on the new Unreal Engine 4 from Epic and allows the wearer to stand on top of a snowy mountain. Everywhere where you look, there is snow. When the wearer looks up, it looks like the snowflakes are falling on the head. Oculus Rift users can walk through the virtual world by using a keyboard or controller. To the right of the snowy mountain the user can find a dark castle to which the user can walk to. After a short walk the user can enjoy a fantastic view from the dark castle.

It is noteworthy that the Oculus Rift first shows a demo with large spaces, long stretched views and lots of detail. The first virtual reality demos that were shown to the public were often small hallways or a child farm that seemed to come directly from Farmville.

In the new demo of the 1080p version of the Oculus Rift it is even possible for the user to enter the castle and admire flows of hot lava. There is also a large demon with burning eyes present that is at least 2.5 meters long. When the user is standing in front of the demon he needs to look all the way up to see its face. This is typical of the overwhelming experience that virtual reality can offer: enemies in games can look astonishing real.


The demon in the Oculus Rift demo


Another thing which is noteworthy are the astonishing details of the demon such as its detailed shield or the lava-like red glow behind its armor. When the user fires a white magic ball that bounces through space and leaves behind white shimmering particles falling down, the immersive and highly intense virtual reality experience is complete.

But that intense experience also has a disadvantage. Because the user is stationary while moving in the virtual world he can start to feel a little bit disorientated. In addition, many eyes are not accustomed to look into a LCD screen from a short distance for a long time.

After the first experience with the Oculus Rift users tend to feel nauseous or light in their head. According to Nate Mitchell you get accustomed to the Oculus Rift naturally, but the company is trying to limit the movement to a minimum. After using the Oculus Rift for the first time I became a little bit dizzy myself, but after the second time I had no problems. I even managed to write this Oculus Rift review afterwards!




The high-definition version of the Oculus Rift is available with a price tag of $300. The virtual reality headset is only available for enthusiasts and game developers, the consumer version will be released later this year.

Oculus VR does not want to give an indication of the release date, but Oculus VR tries to release the Oculus Rift consumer version as soon as possible. After having spent in an astonishing and greatly improved Oculus Rift virtual world we can hardly wait for the Oculus Rift to be released.

I enjoyed writing this Oculus Rift review very much as it was a very interesting experience to review the Oculus Rift. Do you have any questions or comments regarding this Oculus Rift review? Feel free to post a comment on this Oculus Rift review.

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