Merge VR goggle review – Is it worth buying?

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Merge VR goggle review – Is it worth buying?


I am writing this post today to review an awesome virtual reality headset, the Merge VR. c with your smartphone, so which one to buy? There are a couple of things to keep in mind before you buy a virtual reality headset.

The things you need to be aware when buying a VR headset would be the comfort, the features , the applications, the adjustment of the lenses and of course, the price. All of this will make the difference to get the best experience of virtual reality with your headset.

First off this review will probably go only one way because I absolutely love the Merge VR goggles, of course, it is still a review and I would tell you all about the pros and cons of it, based on my own experience.

I was so impressed the first time I got my hands on it and I still am today, I am using it almost every day, playing games, watching videos, there are a lot of things you can do with it and there are always new content, new apps getting developed for virtual reality so it is the perfect time to get your own headset!


Let’s talk comfort


The comfort of a headset is one of the most or probably THE MOST important thing about a headset. If when you wear it you feel pain or discomfort, the experience will not be the same and the immersion in a virtual world neither and that is the opposite of what we want with virtual reality and it’s not going to work if your headset is bringing you back to reality by hurting your face. You won’t be able to play long or watching movies without feeling discomfort…

One thing I can guarantee with the merge VR is that you will never feel any pain wearing it nor discomfort, even if you wear if for a long period of time and that’s probably where the success of it comes from.

And why is it any different from any others?

This is because of the materials it’s made of. The merge VR headset is the only one that is made of soft flexible foam and there are a lot of advantage to that. First off…

Lightweight: The headset is extremely lightweight, I think the exact weight is 370g (without your smartphone in it), even with your smartphone inside you will barely feel it on your head, that’s the different between hard plastic and soft foam, the foam is much lighter, I don’t know why there are not more headset like this, it’s such a great idea.

Soft flexible foam: Since the headset is made all of soft foam, this is what you will feel on your face, and in the nose area, and it just feels so good. Of course, every headset has some kind of foam or leather rubber around the face but the main problem with a lot of headsets is with the nose gap, they usually don’t put foam there and your nose can get sore quickly. With the Merge, I even tried to if I press down on it on my nose to see if that would actually hurt but I didn’t feel a thing

Headstraps: With the two parts head straps (one on top, one on the back of your head), the headset will never move on your face or come down on your face. The straps are all adjustable as well so it fits everybody, so all you have to do it put it on and enjoy the ride without worry.


Now with the features


Adjustable, Custom lenses: There are two buttons on top and two on the bottom to adjust the lenses, this is useful depending on what type of phone your are using and your own interpupillary distance.
Flexible foam body: As I mention before the foam body makes the headset really comfortable and fun to wear but on top of that is is almost impossible to break, you can squish it, drop it as many times as you like and nothing will ever happen to it, compare to hard plastic that is much more easily broke. Also, the foam tight on your face keeps the light from coming in.
Audio port: There are two spaces on both sides of the headset that allows you to plug in your headphones and/or your charging cable while playing, believe it or not, it is not every headset that as this function, as important it is.
Camera access for augmented reality: This is a really cool feature, on the front there is a removable part that you can take off really easily that allows you to have access to the camera. There are a lot of augmented reality apps, that are really fun to try, so it’s a good thing to have that option.
Anti-fog ventilation: The two littles holes right on top, keeps the lenses from fogging so that you have always the clearest view possible.
Dual input buttons: The two same button to adjust the lenses, but there are your only control button, instead of taking your phone of the headset you can use those button to click on your phone screen, select different videos, start, pause, no use for games yet, though.


Let the fun begin!


So, how exactly can you use this headset? It’s really simple, all you have to do is download some virtual reality apps from the Apple Store for iOS or GooglePlay Store for android. There are plenty of applications available at the moment to enjoy virtual reality, you’ve got a bunch of VR games you can play (shoot zombies, drive your favorite car, explore the world.


How to watch virtual reality videos with your smartphone


Augmented reality is so much fun too, it’s like adding virtual elements, to your actual environment. By example, you can be walking down the street with the headset on and with app called dinosaurs, you can watch dinosaurs walking around you in real size, as big as they were when they ruled the earth! ( People will probably look at you funny though but whatever dinosaurs, it’s so cool!)




If you want to experience virtual reality for a good price I would definitely recommend the Merge VR goggles, they are durable, easy to clean, the most comfortable headset I’ve seen, I totally love them and I am sure you will too for a low price of it is worth the money guaranteed!