LocFinder App

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LocFinder App

LocFinder is an augmented reality app that offers all of the navigation features you will need and we’re thankful that developer Thomas Seifert took some time to answer our questions regarding augmented reality technology on the iPhone.  First let’s take a look at LocFinder.

The app’s home screen shows you a compass arrow pointing to your current destination, a rotating globe with a pin at your destination, and other information including the latitude and longitude, and distance. You can choose a destination from your own ‘personal list’ or from the list of famous places all around the world. Pressing on the compass engages augmented reality mode. In AR mode you see a really cool compass that seems to encircle you and your destination is highlighted in red. You can also bring up an arrow to point the way.

Other features from the description:

-offers path recording and following (forwards and backwards), allows listening to your music while recording or following a path, shows you the path metrics: altitude profile, average speed, elapsed time, total distance and altitude difference. Works with Google Earth – you can include and exclude paths or locations to/from Google Earth

We found that this app not only worked great, but looked great too. There is a high level of polish on everything from the home screen to augmented reality mode. Selecting a new destination is easy, and you always have 1 click access to more information about a position via Wikipedia. LocFinder is currently $1.99 in the App Store and there is a free, lite version for you to try.