Electronix Express Fannego VR Headset – Virtual Reality Headset Solution

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Electronix Express Fannego VR Headset – Virtual Reality Headset Solution

Ultra Contemporary Fannego VR Headset will Supply you seamless Virtual reality experience. Its headset is coated with the top excellent sponge that lowers the strain on ears & guarantees proper performance of the headphone. Its most recent design raises its durability & guarantees ideal functionality. It’s composed of adjustable straps that allow it to be comfortable to use. It supports a wide array of smartphones with different display dimensions. Experience a new world of virtual reality by simply shifting your Smartphone to Fannego VR headset.




It’s composed of top excellent memory nozzle that makes the headset soft and comfy to use. The sponge in cans lessens the strain on the ears of this headset. The headset includes high-quality durable T shaped straps. It comes with high-quality lenses where we could adjust student space & object space when watching movies or playing games The set also supports all of the smartphones with a screen of 4.0- 6.5 inches.




Fannego 3D Vr headset is Composed of high Excellent material Which raises its durability and makes it comfortable for wearing. It’s more suitable with stereo headset whose outer coating consists of top excellent protein, sound insulating material to decrease noisy. It includes Front and rear expansion to accommodate to another kind and age of individuals. The VR consists of high-quality equipment. It consists of flexible T shaped straps that may be used by people with a distinct group of individuals which range from kids to adults. The soft padding facing VR cardboard makes it comfortable to wear & aids to improve your virtual reality experience.

This VR includes top quality Optical Resin Lens making sure that you don’t sense any observable fatigue & nausea even after using it for an extended time. This premium grade lens protects your eyes from straining when you’re enjoying 3D games or movies. Its eyeglasses include flexible pupil space and object space matches distinct groups of individuals. It’s specially designed with flexible headband & mesh leather eye area which aids VR headset to fit your own face efficiently. This VR headset is specially designed for smartphones with 4.0- 6.5-inch screen. It’s compatible with smartphones such as iPhone 4S, iPhone 5s, Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, S6, Note4, Note5, LG Nexus 5, LG G2, G3, LG V10, LG bend, HTC One M, Nexus 6 etc..


3D VR Headset, J&D 3D Virtual Reality Headset




1) It’s very durable & superbly designed VR headset.
2) Its mind straps & side straps are extremely powerful & can quickly adjust in your face.




Experience all new degree of virtual reality with all Ultra Contemporary Fannego Vr headset. This headset will immerse you into perfect virtual Fact that you can not experience in any other VR headset. Its high Excellent lens protects your eyes from Surplus of stress & straining & you’ll be able to play your favorite game or Watch 3D movies for an extended time. Its comfortable headband & sleeves make it Appropriate for individuals of all ages. Fannego VR headset is very affordable & will certainly give you world-class virtual reality experience.